Morocco: The History of the Local and Sherifien Posts

Richard J. M. Garcia MBE FRPSL and Maurice Hadida FRPSL



This is the first comprehensive and detailed account of this remarkable period in Morocco’s postal history, and explores the background to this time before considering the development of the Sherifien Post and each of the Local Posts. It also examines the role played by the intrepid rekkas, the postmen who carried the mail on foot up and down the country, and who made possible the expansion of the various postal services in Morocco.

This richly-illustrated book, of nearly 400 pages and with more than 300 illustrations, of which 230 are items of postal history, published by The Royal Philatelic Society London, and written in English and French, draws widely on hitherto unpublished information gleaned from the French Diplomatic Archives and the Gibraltar National Archives.