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Tibet Stamps & Postal History

Steve Chazon and Danny Wong FRPSL



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The Authors

Born 1959, Danny K C Wong started collecting Hong Kong and British Commonwealth stamps before the age of ten, then focused on China philately after he commenced bis career in China. He is noted for his collections of the Chinese borderlands, including bis international Gold Medal-winning Xinjiang (Sinkiang) exhibit, and Tibet, Yunnan, Taiwan and Manchuria. He also has pre-adhesive postal history collections of the Imperia! couriers (yizhan), private couriers (minxinju) and early East-West mail. He was awarded the Tapling Medal in 2003 for his research on Tibetan philately, and the RPSL Medal in 2015 for his service to the Society. He is a Representative of RPSL in China and editor of the philatelic journal Asian Philatelist.

Steve Chazen lives in Houston, Texas. He has collected Far Eastern-related postal items (stamps and covers) for more than 40 years. He has extensive collections of foreign post offices in China and Japan (French, British, German, U.S., Russian, Italian and Japanese (for China)). He has large collections of China 'proper' postal history to the end of World War I. He also collects Indian stamps and postal history to c.1856. His collections extend to parts of the Middle East, following shipping and mail routes to and from the Far East. His Chinese-related collection focuses on covers with unusual origins and destinations. He has a large collection of Mongolian stamps and postal history and which formed the bulk of the illustrations in the late Wolfgang Hellrigl's work, The Postal History of Mongolia.

He also collects the postal history of Texas to the end of the Civil War. He is a member of the RPSL, the CSS, and the APS as well as several other specialist societies.